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Compatibility with motherboard Gigabyte X99


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Hi, I am new here. :):


Recently i buy one motherboard Gigabyte GA-X99-SLI and I want to buy some ram ddr4 corsair because i know the high quality for yours products. I searched in the ddr4 compatibility list and no find that model of mother board (GA-X99-SLI) some one can help me to find ram ddr4 corsair for my Mobo??? :sigh!:


(to preferably pack 16gb, 2 stick of 8gb with more to 2133mhz )

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You may wish to use the Memory Support List from Gigabyte's own website. That list is a little hard to use as it is lacking a total memory column, however the Corsair kits are relatively easy to identify by their number.




The bold number will be either 16 or 32 and represents the total capacity. The frequency is underlined. The CAS latency is the italicized ending.


X99 is a quad-channel memory board, so you would be better served by a 4x4GB kit, rather than the 2x8GB kits for Z170. Anything on the memory support list will surely be 4x4GB for 16, or 4x8 and 8x4 for 32GB.

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