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is 600w enough?


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So you're telling me I shouldn't have got a refurbed AX750... (?) :eek: :ummmm::noooooo:


That's the problem with walking into MC and wandering around...


Bless them (Corsair) for making the ATX 8pin(2x4pin) long enough to go under the mobo case. The SPEC-01 is too short to have cable holes at the top but next case will... The worst part was having to remove the H80i radiator to get at the ATX 8pin but only took me 3 min at most. The Spec-01 and the AX750 are great for dressing/hiding cables!


This way I don't have to think about it if I want to upgrade Graphics(remember, I just blew a 650...). And I can just adjust that big screw in the back to have it run at 300W... :p:

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50%? I doubt a 375Wpsu would survive... but you're right - it's always good to have extra capacity - and a new psu - the old one was maybe 5 years old. it lasted me well and was cheap (probably $40, refurbed) But I felt I had to get a new one, and so i picked 3 Corsairs ($50-$80) and went to MC to eyeball them. Refurbed AX750 was only $80, so seemed like the one to get. So far it has been perfect. The fan normally doesn't run (they put a note over the switch saying that), and I only saw it running once - when I was running 3DMark11 with the new R9 380 on win7. Very glad I picked the AX750 (the sales rep pointed me to it). The SPEC-01 has a very nice removeable filter on the case bottom for the psu input. Very effective - already had to clean it once! :D:


4-8-16 Corsair AX750 misbehaved - Now EVGA 850B2.

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