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Hello everyone !


My Strafe RGB keyboard needs a friend and I am thinking of getting the optical Sabre :sunglasse

Which is the latest optical Sabre available?

There are 2 editions on sale at the stores here, one with max 6400dpi and another one with 10000dpi. The rest specs are identical on both mice.. :confused:

(4 zones, 16.8m colours, 8 buttons etc)

Is the 10000dpi edition an upgrade to the previous 6400dpi one?

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Well, you most certainly are right about the dpi, even 6400 are too much!

But my question was if there is a newer/upgrated version of the mouse, which now supports up to max 10k dpi. After some search, I found:

The CH-9000111-EU supports up to 6400dpi.

The CH-9303011-EU supports up to 10k dpi and is a newer model.

So apart from the dpi, everything else seems to be the same. Is that true?

Is there a newer/upgraded sensor in the newer model?

Since I can buy both models in my country, its a pity not to buy the newer one, if that is a better/upgraded model.

Thank you

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As mentioned above the latest/newer model (10k) has a better sensor which allows more DPI compared to the old version, everything else is the same.


The only difference except for the maximum DPI for the sensor is also the minimum value, the old one range is 50 - 6.400 while the new one is 100 - 10.000.

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