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Potential problem with my old TX750


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Hi everyone.


So over the past weeks and months I have been increasingly alarmed by a problem I've been having with my computer - it will arbitrarily shut down, and reboot itself. I've been trying to diagnose the problem for quite some time now, and so I thought I'd give this forum a shot at it too.


The one common thread is that is always happens under load - usually when I have my tab-heavy browsers both open at the same time (30+ tabs each), and am running a game at the same. I would test out the computer with another power supply, but do not have a suitable one on hand. This build / computer is from 2010.


I apologize in advance as this will be a bit chaotic, and lengthy as I am just trying to get all of this out as a stream of consciousness sort of deal before I forget details and any information that may be valuable in figuring this out and have been cleaning my computer / disassembling the power supply and putting things back together for the past several hours.


My main suspicions for components possibly causing the problem would be one of the following:

1. Corsair TX 750 CMPSU

2. The second pair of sticks or RAM that I got back in October of 2015 to up myself to a total of 16.

3. Some strange problem caused by windows 10 that come stock with the OS after installing or upgrading (I've already looked into and corrected some possible settings to correct this under power options)


I've concluded it would probably be the power supply based mainly on having looked at my motherboard and finding all the capacitors and pins seems to be intact.


The ram I deem less likely to be the culprit for it simply because the shutdown-reboot problem started BEFORE I bought the second pair of ram sticks; the only reason I haven't completely eliminated it is because it has been happening more and more often since I installed them. (but that could just be because the power supply is gradually failing and not have anything to do with them of course) I plan on running memtest86 again with the new ram, in fact I was going to more soon after I got the new sticks but had forgotten to until now.


As I was researching and looking for answers I came across many people with similar problems who hadn't changed some setting in power options, or had an odd registry setting due to a change made by installing or upgrading to windows 10, so I made those changes for myself and see this as something that COULD be what is causing this, but not convinced it is.... I don't know if I could ever completely rule out another issue after seeing some of the problems people were having with the newest version of windows.


So here is where you guys come in: I took some pictures after taking apart my CMPSU TX750 tonight (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006) from my computer that I put together back in 2010. One of the the first things I did was take pictures, and did not think about cleaning it (with my data vac) completely until after SOME of them were taken, so if something isn't as clear as it should be - that would be why. I tried to be as thorough otherwise and take as many unnecessary pictures as possible lol.


Here are the pics: http://imgur.com/a/NXqNV


I inspected it fairly closely to see if anything looked out of the ordinary. At first I thought that the yellow/white stuff may have been leaking fluid of some sort, but then looked up images of the same power supply disassembled, and while most of them did not look identical with the way they were laid out, several had that same (paste???) stuff on them and just concluded that it was aged and had yellowed because of that.


Embarrassingly I found a spare screw after having turned it over and it falling out at some point, sadly. Probably not a good thing :/. Could that have been what was causing the problem? (I really have no idea)


After having examined the board?? and components of the psu as thoroughly as I could (as a first time PSU disassembler, lol), everything seemed quite normal. Aside from one thing. This large, cylindrical thing near the center seemed to have emitted this dark brown, amber-ish substance at some point. I touched it - it was dry and didn't smell like anything on my finger. You can find pictures of this part near the bottom of the album I linked.


So what I want to know is, does my power supply look abnormal to any of you guys who know more about them than I do? Is the part of the psu that I thought looked to be a problem actually a problem? How wrong am I about some of things I'm saying?


Let me know If I can provide anymore details, thanks for your responses.

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