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Is there a way to randomly cycle through all stock lighting effects?

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Forgive me if this has been asked before. I searched for about 15 minutes before giving up and posting this.


I just built my first "from scratch" pc and through GloriousGe0rge on a different website, I finally decided on which mechanical rgb keyboard to get. As fate would have it, the Strafe Silent went on sale the very next day as I was researching which Corsair keyboard to get. $119.99 later and here I am typing this on my new keyboard.


As I begin to learn CUE and all of its complexities and nuances, I am finding myself wanting to see all the lighting effects cycle together as I use my system.


Is there a way to set a random cycle through each separate lighting effect with random colors that changes at a set interval (slow, medium, and fast)?

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