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I have a VOID RBG USB headset, and I'm trying to record simple voice pieces in Audacity (and other programs). My issue: in all of these recording programs, after approximately 1.5-2 seconds of recording, the microphone cuts down to almost picking up nothing. This is not an issue in Teamspeak, Dolby Axon, Skype, or plays.tv, but when trying to record from the mic and nothing else, this issue happens. After visiting the forums, manuals, and wikis for each program, they all direct me to the same solution: removing noise cancellation from the microphone. Perhaps I'm a dunce, but I can't find that anywhere in the microphone settings in either the Windows Sound Manager or CUE. I've attached an example of the issue here:




What am I missing here?


Much love,

The Doctor


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That is just bizarre, try turning the the sidetone off and the mic levels up.

Also make sure the mic is properly positioned (apparently a big problem)

If that doesn't work try shutting the CUE software off and try recording after

Else you might have a faulty product

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