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Socket A (462) compatibility?


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Hello everybody!

I don't know if I chose the right place to post, so please excuse me in advance if it's the case.

My question is very simple: which models of Corsair watercoolers are compatible with AMD socket A (462)?

I took a look on Amazon and all I could found was "...works with virtually all current Intel and AMD based motherboards". Which is very vague and not 100% sure...

I don't know if it is relevant or not, but my cpu is AXMA3000FKT4C.

Thank you!

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Hi Technobeard!

My post was moved, I thought it was deleted and I opened a new thread. Sorry about that.


Could you please check this site:


Under "Product overview", the last point is "Compatible Processor Socket: Socket A PGA-462..." etc

Is it true or not?

Same for:


Even from the title they specify the Socket A...

On NCIX.COM site it is also statued as compatible (H60)


An advice? If this is true, then maybe other models could be compatible?

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