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Vengeance H2100 Connectivity Issue


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So. I have a Corsair H2100 headset and a little before Christmas, a week after owning the headset, the dongle that came with the headset broke. My PC detected the dongle as "Avnera AV7300" and the headset no longer connected with the dongle. To this date, the dongle still doesn't work. I have tried asking people about this issue and the only thing that people tell me to do is to go and get a replacement USB dongle for the headset; however, I can't buy a replacement dongle for the headset. I don't mind spending the £25, it's just that there are no places I can get a replacement dongle. There are no replacement dongles in stock anywhere. I was wondering if Corsair will let me buy a dongle directly from them, or if Corsair could send me a replacement dongle.


If anyone has a solution or any advice, I will be thankful.

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