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K65 improvement suggestions


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As I and many other people need this smaller version of your great keyboards whithout the numpad for multiple reasons, I'd like to give some suggestions for a possible future facelift:


1. Give it the same media keys like the K70. Here is a layout change I made to fit them on the smaller K65:


If they're to cramped there, maybe the logo would have to move left like it is on the new Strafe.


2. Give it the same front height adjustment feet like the K70:



3. Give it a cable management sort of like this:


As it is already very much like this, it shouldn't be hard to add the additional channels.


4. Give it back the USB passthrough. Ideally USB 3.0


5. Some dream of mine is a Keyboard thats wired normally but can go wireless when you plug out the cable.



So please Corsair, consider these points for future iterations and never stop offering your smaller tenkeyless keyboards. Oh and a variant with MX Blue switches would be great, too :biggrin:

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