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M65 Mouse Issues


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I have a M65 Vengeance mouse that was giving me issues. Pointer was hopping around the screen at times, I'd find myself locked at looking into the sky or into the ground in FPS games. It also had an issue where it seemed like horizontal angle snapping was on, but only when I'd move the mouse left and right slightly pushing up. Vertical movement was fine, as well as horizontal + downward movement. It was just the horizontal + upward movement that made it seem to snap.


Since then I have reformatted my computer (for other reasons) and even replaced my M65 Vengeance mouse with just a M65 (no idea if there is a functional difference between these two mice, they seem identical aside from the logo looking different and the thumb grip being more rigid). Guess what, this M65 has the same issue with the horizontal + upward movement snapping into a horizontal only with no upward movement.


This is insanely frustrating for accuracy reasons. Please help. I've uninstalled, reinstallled, updated firmware, everything I know to try. I've even left the default windows generic mouse drivers installed for the mouse and it the issue still persists. I have a M95 mouse as well and it works perfectly.


TL;DR - M65 Vengeance and M65 both angle snap when moving mouse along horizontal axis with a slight upward movement, meaning there is no upward movement at all, it is locked horizontally. All other movements with these mice behave normally. M95 mouse behaves normally. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers and checking/unchecking angle snapping in Corsair software. No luck.


http://www.twitch.tv/mynd_xero/v/55008704 - Video of my mouse movements on my desktop, hopefully helpful. Horizontal + downward movements are fine. Horizontal + upward movements having the snapping issue. Also, when I try to move my mouse in a ∞ motion, it should ultimately remain in the same area. As seen by the video, it flies upwards.

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I'm not sure I see what you're experiencing. I see the mouse move up with angle snapping and it moves in the infinite shape @ 20 sec.


I'm using the Vengeance M65 as my main workmouse. Angle snapping enabled. When moving quickly along X-axis, any Y-axis input is dampened. My upward and downward movements while moving left<>right is dampened equally.


If it only dampens up and not down as much then it could be the an exclusive/isolated issue. This is also difficult to determine a conclusion since we're dealing with individual human execution. (I'm sure I'm moving the mouse left<>right while slowly moving up differently than you are.)


Do you notice any vertical (up) input dampening when disabling Angle Snapping?

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Hey there Jay


After viewing some other threads, it looks like drawing in paint might have illustrated the issue better. When moving along the x-axis back and forth with minor physical +y-axis motion, the cursor does not respond with any +y-axis movement. If I do the same x-axis motions with a slight -y-axis motion, the mouse responds.


I did a full wipe of all Corsair drivers in safe mode. With no drivers installed, the cursor displays my described behavior on default generic windows drivers. With the drivers installed and angle snapping enabled, the cursor locks in all 8 directions as expected. When angle snapping is disabled, the cursor displays the above described behavior.


I plugged in a very old Logitech MX 510, and I had normal mouse behavior with no issue, to rule out any external software or hardware issues. The M95 has no issues. Both my M65s have this issue. I'm wondering if I even needed to replace my M65 Vengeance at all or is it possible I got a faulty M65 standard as a replacement.


Is there any difference between the older M65 Vengeance and the new M65 non-vengeance (non-RGB)?

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