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Link & RM650i Very Disappointed!


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I recently had a rush of blood to the head (or maybe the wallet) and decided to replace my perfectly good RM550 with an RM650i entirely to get the more extensive instrumentation coverage in Corsair Link.


I am incredibly disappointed! As is so often the case, brilliant hardware is let down by sloppy, lazy, partial software implementation. This even seems to have gone backwards with the latest version: it looks a lot prettier, but the efficiency graph and percentage figure shown on the sales page for the PSU (presumably from an earlier version of Link) has gone AWOL!


Worse the implementation in other parts of Link is bizarrely half-assed.


There are only two meter overlays implemented for the "configure" picture: Temperature and Fan Speed. What happened to the four voltage and current measures and the power-in and power-out shown on the RM650i panel accessible from the Home screen?


On the Graphing page, there is also the option for the four voltage measurements (which are pointless flatlines on a graph since the PSU does actually regulate the voltage properly) but the current and power measurements (which would be very useful to graph alongside other measurements) are stupidly missing!


For goodness sake Corsair get some software engineers who understand the market you are selling into. Link badly needs to better integrate measurements from more third-party hardware, but if Corsair cannot even properly integrate their own hardware what chance is there of that happening? Only control freaks buy this sort of stuff and if there is anything that disappoints control freaks it's having their options restricted by incompletely implemented software! If you cannot produce this yourselves why not open-source the APIs and let the open source community do it for you?

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