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k70 RGB Not displaying red but purple


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Hi folks,


Anyone have any idea whats going on with my keyboard?

1)During startup certain keys on my keyboard are not display red lightning but purple instead.

2)So i tried to create a new profile all blank, so when i display white lighting the same few key gave me blue. whats going on here?

3)I have no idea how these key got messed up because i never tried to set anything, so far i have only downloaded certain profile from the forum. Please help i even tried to reinstall the software and it didnt help.

4)If i set to all green or blue, those keys doesn't have any issue

5)If it possible , because few days ago i sprayed the mosquito killer thingy close to my keyboard and it got into it?


Sorry for the bad english :)


Edit, i did tried on another laptop and its the same result !!

My f6, 6, Y, H, B, Page up ,1(on keypad) +(on keypad), 0(on keypad) these are the few keys.

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