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H110i led blinking / flashing problem.


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I just bought H110i yesterday. its a great cooler I ever had.


but I have one problem, when I use LED color on a Cycle throught mode or temp base mode.


The Led is random blinking !! I post my video link here




blinking time is 0:03 , 0:17 , 0:28 , 0:42 , 0:54


is it normal :(: ? My case is clear when it start blinking it's going to annoy me.


Thank you

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yesterday, I took my PC go to the store that I bought H110i and ask to replace a new one.


The owner of the store accept and He gave me a new unbox H110i and try install a new one with my rig and see what happen.


its all the same, flashing every 8-10 seconds when using cycle color mode.

try with another PSU and it all the same.


So I think may be it is normal ? or bug or something ?

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