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HX1000W acting strange


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5 year old Corsair HX1000W power supply unit has to have the unit mildly tapped for the Antec case pushbutton to activate the computer startup.


All goes well, use the computer, shutdown as per usual.


Small LED power indicator on the mother board stays lit for varying periods of time but eventually does go out.


Mother board LED power indicator light comes back on after tapping the side of the power unit and computer starts up OK.


All cables appear to be set tight.


Have not removed the power unit case cover to look inside and don't know what to look for anyway.


Any suggestions or am I faced with buying a new power supply?


Thanks for any help.

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You will need to look for dry joints with a magnifying glass, because there sometimes like little cracks. Then re-solder them with a normal soldering iron. But I'm guessing you don't have one. So I'm afraid you will have to keep tapping the side.


Also.... try to stop any vibration on the PC case. It should help stop it getting any worse.

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