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Bent 650D?

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Sad day for me. The 650D I recently ordered had a busted case foot.


Corsair support was awesome and got a new set of case feet out to me quickly. I got them today, but when I unscrewed what was left of the broken foot, I discovered what was likely the root of the problem.


The screw hole was bowed outwards, and partially bent to boot.

Picture enclosed. Not sure how that happened, but I'm not looking forward to sending it back and waiting for another one. The RMA has already been submitted.


I posted this here mainly to ask if anyone else had similar problems with cases they'd ordered.


I have the rest of my build parts coming in soon. Hoping I can get this solved soon!


EDIT: MAN, the dust really shows up on my camera. I can assure anyone reading this that this case is new! lol


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Corsair do not use a good enough box to put cases in, single walled cardboard with the weakest grade polystyrene may be ok for something under 5kg but not a case, they need double walled with reinforced corners and high density foam.


Until they do this a lot of people will have damaged cases thanks to the couriers.

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I bought my 900D from Amazon, delivered by Amazon Logistics and it was pristine. I felt sorry for the driver, lugging it up the drive.


UPS destroyed my 1st shipping form the EU to the UK, Amazon logistics managed to stand on the next one.


The one Corsair shipped direct had reinforced corners but still had the bottom door removed by what can only be a huge shock, I ended up fixing that one and giving up.

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