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sound issues


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So i got this headset the other day from BestBuy.


I have until recently, sworn off wireless headsets because my previous experience with them has been poor at best. Either breaking easily, limited battery life, charging issues, or worse not working at all to begin with.



I bit the bullet and got the headset, weary to begin with. I set it all up properly, read the directions, followed the instructions... plugged it in... and it worked, to my amazement.


Anyways, I am not particularly fond of how close to my mouth the mic is, so i bent it away slightly.


however, my boyfriend complains constantly that he can hear me breathing into the microphone like a creeper constantly. I moved the mic away from my face to avoid this, but then he cant hear me, so i moved it back.


He says my breathing is louder than i am and he can't turn me up without the breathing being an issue.


what gives? i didn't have this problem with my Logitech 430.


Also what the heck is clear chat. I cant find anywhere on the face of google that will tell me what each of the settings are in the CUE.


I turned on the playback function to listen to what he hears and he is right, its constant.






How can i stop the mic from amplifying the sound of my breathing over my voice? it is incredibly irritating and I'm ready to get rid of this thing.

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