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CUE Problem with K70 RGB Lighting


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Hi guys, please help me. Some of the features in the CUE software doesn't work properly. When I assigned some characters to group. I can choose any colour I want if I choose "SOLID". But I can't choose the colour (it will be always white) when I want to choose GRADIENT, RIPPLE or WAVE, I right clicked on the graph but the 'Edit" option is greyed out and I can't edit the colour. It happens when I'm in "Advance Settings" & try to "Assign New Lighting" or "Edit Lighting". And yes, I have the latest version of CUE (1.15.36). (Also tried it with versiom 1.14 and the same problem still opccurs)








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Could you record a video its hard to see what your doing from the pictures. Also is this happening on all of your profiles?


Hi, yes, it happened to all profile. These are the link for the videos that I recorded, I hope you can understand what's happening, thanks btw for the reply :) Also, I cant change the lighting mode from ripple to wave directly for the group that I assigned. I have to delete the group and create it back.


Part 1 : [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OfLnP6BpQM[/ame]

Part 2 : [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgqcjIcaCmI[/ame]

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Ok i see what your doing wrong now. You need to click on the points for GRADIENT, RIPPLE or WAVE


OMG You're a freaking hero I swear if you lives near me I would buy you a Starbuck or something Thank you very much brooo Really x 100000000 appreciate your help :D

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