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H115i CPU fan not recognized in ASUS BIOS


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Just built a new system around ASUS X99 Pro Mobo and intel 5820K with the Corsair H115i cooler.

The H115i is installed and connected as indicated with the Y cable from cooler going to the two radiator fans and the Sata power connector connected properly. The Link USB cable is connected to a USB 2.0 header. My problem is with the additional 3 pin connector with a single wire which is supposed to be connected to the CPU Fan header. The single wire corresponds to the CPU Fan-In Pin/Sense Pin 3. Unfortunately the Bios doesn't recognize that a fan in connected when I connect this wire to the CPU Fan header as instructed. The computer won't boot.

The only way I have determined to get around this is to connect a case fan to the CPU Fan header to "trick" the Bios into thinking it sees a CPU Fan.

Meanwhile my H115i is working perfectly and is controllable through my corsair link software. However this is not how it is supposed to work. I don't want one of my case fans hooked to CPU Fan header. I want the wire from the Corsair cooler hooked to the CPU Fan header as it should be.

Could the H115i be malfunctioning and just not be sending the proper signal to pin three of the CPU Fan Header?


Thank you for any ideas, recommendations, or answers.



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Hi wrap23


I had the exact same problem.. I made the included H115i splitter redundant, and connected both of the H115i fans to a splitter. The fans then connect to the CPU_FAN pins and the single wire connects to the CPU_OPT..

Asus Ai detects the H115i fans and controls them as 'CPU FAN'


Hope this helps



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