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H80iGT Coirsair Link Problems


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The latest version of the software just refuses to open. Older versions open but don't display my H80iGT in the devices. The device is listed under device manager.


I'm going crazy this is totally unacceptable, for a premium product!


I'm running


Windows 10

intel® Core i5 - 4690 @ 3.50GHz

16gb RAM

Asus Sabertooth II motherboard

Asus GeForce GTX 970 OC



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Any help would be awesome?!


If you do as a specified I might be able to help.


The SIV [uSB Bus], [Link Devices] and [Link Status] panels allow the root cause of many hardware issues to be determined and resolved. If you need help with a CL hardware issue I recommend posting these screen shots.
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