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Corsair TwinX 333Mhz conflict Corsair Value 400Mhz! Help!

Carlos Merigo

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Hello...i need help


I had two memoirs Corsair TwinX DDR 256 MB 2700 333 MHz


It is now I bought more two of 256 MB DDR, also Corsair Value, but with 400 Mhz.


happens that the 4 modules of memory don't work together, just the equal ones with same Mhz.


When I place the four together modules, PC only recognizes 512 MB. When I place a comb of 333 and another of 400 Mhz ...computer nor it begins, it is just the sound sign of mistake in the memory.


The question is: Don't memoirs work with different Mhz?

If I place all of 400 MHz had it worked?


My PC is one

Atlhon 64 3000+ 939



And will it be that has something to see of them to be of different models?



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