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Set a key to be both a typing key and mode selection key


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hi all, I need to set up my left ctrl key to be a mode switch key and I still need it to send the left ctrl signal to the PC. How can I do that? I can only make it do one or the other at the moment


As a example, in star citizen, the left control key being held down changes the actions of other keys. I need this to be reflected in the lighting of the other keys while the key is being held, and only while the key is being held. That's fine, and I can do that by creating a new mode with all the lighting I need, but the game does not register that the ctrl key is being held, and does not change the modified keys to their new functions


I have one possible solution, in the left ctrl mode I can replace the normal key binding with keystrokes to activate left ctrl + pressed key. Not only is that a major pain in the ****, it doesn't help with other mode switching keys that toggle on and off, such as landing mode. Pressing N switches the keyboard into 'landing' mode, which in game is supposed to change the M key to auto land. Because the game never gets the N keypress, it still won't work, and I can't set M to N + M in the new mode because if I need to auto land and cancel, the game is going to still be in landing mode, and the next time I press M it'll take me out of landing mode again when I need to attempt auto land for a second time.


Edit: I would be able to get around this problem if I could change modes as part of a macro, but this feature is also unavailable..... Starting to get pretty frustrated -_-

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