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Does Commander Mini support 0 RPM fans?


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Hi all



Does Corsair Commander Mini support controlling fan speed to the point where you can stop the fan?


The story:

I'm trying to build a silent-when-not-doing-anything PC. So when i'm just browing or watching youtube, it should be 100% silent. I'm not looking for passive cooling; when gaming it's okay to have some fan noise.


I've got GPU and PSU handled (Asus 970 Strix and Corsair HX850i).

Next up is case fans. Since my motherboard does not support speeds under 30%, i want to buy a fan controller that does.

Specificly i want the fan to stop completely when motherboard temp is under 35C.


I'v been looking at Corsair Commander Mini for that use, but i can't find specs on how low RPM it supports.

Apparently it is a PWM controller, and such it should not support it. Is that true? Or maybe it can only showdown for some fans. In that case, which?

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