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Replacement Acrylic Panel for Corsair Carbide Air 240


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Hi there,

new to this forum.


Basically, I have managed to crack the acrylic side panel window of my Air 240 case due to trying to force it on without realising my CPU cooler was a tiny bit too tall.


(Note, I'm based in the UK)


So basically I am trying (to no avail thus far - have rung various UK computer component retailers all of whom do not stock them) to source a replacement acrylic panel for this case.


Therefore if anyone has any ideas on how to source one of these from the UK that would be hugely appreciated.


Furthermore, I've decided I'd like to cut a portion out of the panel accommodate the cooler and cover it with a slightly raised dust cover; so if anyone has any advice/know how as to how to do this without risk of damaging the panel again that would be appreciated.

Note; I have no prior expertise/knowledge on case modding or cutting acrylic what so ever and I am fairly dexterously inept so ideally I'd like to employ a relatively simple method.


Many Thanks

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