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Corsair Link not detecting GPU Fan


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Just put together a new system. Is there a reason why the link software can't detect my gpu fan's? It has two.


Exactly which GPU is it? It is detecting one fan, but it's possible that NVAPI only reports one fan.


If you post the SIV [GPU Info] panel (Menu->Machine->GPU Info) and I could comment further.


You also should add your PC specs to your profile.

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Here is the information you have requested


Looking at the NVAPI Cooler Block below the GPU only reports one rather than two fans and that fan speed is 0 RPM. This is slightly strange as the PWM % is 27 % so I would expect a none zero speed, but as you did not specify the exact model I have no way to know is this is usual.


With my EVGA GeForce GTX 980 SC GAMING P/N: 04G-P4-2982-KR I see 26 % + 1140 RPM.




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