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Calculations wrong


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I mentioned this in the Power Supply forum but I'll mention it here too, the calculations of volts x amps is off




12.03 x 44 is about 530... but it is showing 476


Another thing... at idle, it is very inaccurate




Power out is 62 while all the rails added together is 106... and if I multiply the volts and the amps together myself, then it adds up to 120


It's actually inaccurate during load too, but at idle it's most noticeable








By the way, all that power on the first one is pretty much from one 7970... that's why PCIe#1 says 38 amps... Corsair Link was saying 38 amps (460 watts) while HWmonitor said about 410 was going into my video card. My video card doesn't throttle when running stress tests for some reason.

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