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cant get ram to work in this board HELP!!


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hey all, need a little help.

I have been trying to get my old cmx512-3200c2pt ram sticks (trying to put 2 in his comp) to work in my friends rig but every time i run memtest it fails around test 6.


I have tryed the settings at :cpu freq:200mhz (its a p4 3.0ghz prescot)

cas latency 2.0

trcd 3

trp 3

tras 7 and also at 6

i cannot change the dim voltage as thier is no setting in bios to do this, the only other thing i can see is that the ram sticks are both differant revisions (rev 3 and 5).

It is not possible to update the bios for this board as it was bought from a shop, the model is "advent T9000" and getting any info for this pc has been a nightmare :mad:


Below is the specs my friend has managed to get hold of:



ECS SF2 motherboard information.

Form Factor

Form Factor: microATX

Size: 244*230mm

Layer: 4 layers

Rear I/O Panel: ECS Rear I/O panel


CPU Support

Type: 1.5G/1.6G/1.7G.2.8G and above

Socket type: P4 Socket478

FSB Speed: 400/533/800MHz 1.3.

Chipsets North Bridge: SiS661FX South Bridge: SiS964 / 964L LPC

Super I/O: ITE8705F AC'97

Audio Codec: ALC655

LAN: RTL8100C IEEE1394: VT6307


System Memory

Module Speed: DDR266 / DDR333/ DDR400

Socket Type: Two DDR 184-pin unbuffered DIMM sockets

Maximum Memory size: 2GB.


Core Logic (Chipset)

SF2 Internal Specification Ver 1.1 4


North Bridge: SiS661FX Host interface controller.

Intel® Pentium® 4 processor family with data transfer rate

Hyper-Threading Technology

12 outstanding transactions and out-of-order completion

Quasi-synchronous/as ynchronous Host-to-DRAM timing AGTL+ & AGTL compliant bus driver with auto compensation DRAM controller

DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 SDRAM Supports up to 2 un-buffered DIMM DDR400 Up to 1 GB per DIMM with maximum memory size

32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb SDRAM technology with page size from 2KB up to 32 KB

DDR SDRAM CAS Latency at options of 2, 2.5, & 3 clocks

Suspend-To-RAM (STR).

AGP controller


hope this help as any info u could give me would be good.

thanx :D:

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