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Frayed braided cord and scratched anodized aluminium - are these common?


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Hi everyone,


I am new to the forum. I've been a gamer for more than 20 years and have finally decided to go into mechanical keyboards - a TKL RGB version at that. After weeks of research, comparing between the K65 RGB, the Razer BW Tournament Stealth and the Logitech G410, I finally took the plunge 3 days ago with K65 for their quality and absolutely gorgeous looking aluminium brushed board! :biggrin:


However, I've had two disappointments so far (pics attached):-


1) the first one I've gotten from an authorized retail dealer here in Singapore, had frayed braided cord next to the connection point to the board. I brought this keyboard back to the sole distributor, Convergent Systems, who quite reluctantly gave me a replacement (saying this is merely a cosmetic issue common in the production lines) :[pouts:


2) went home, opened up the replacement - perfect braided cords! Nice! :biggrin: But at a closer inspection, there 3 scratches in total on the aluminium part of the board - first above the F4 key, the second right at the edge next to the "Corsair Gaming plate" and the third again at the edge next to the braid cord. :[pouts::[pouts:


Don't get me wrong - I love this keyboard... its great looking and sleek despite the model being a year older than the Razer and Logitech models. But the whole reason I went Corsair was for the quality and I am quite disappointed so far.


So my question to you guys are:-


1) Are these imperfections quite common and not an issue to most of you - i.e. am I being too anal?


2) Should I get another keyboard replacement from the distributor again? They were quite reluctant the first round and I don't want to go all the way to their office again (40mins bus ride) to get rejected.


Any comments/suggestions are welcome.




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