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Strafe Undetected in CUE after reboot


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Hey guys I'm having an issue where corsairs utility engine doesn't detect my standard, non rgb strafe after a reboot or starting my computer up for the day.


I have cue set to launch with windows and it shows up undetected in the cue software.


I can quit and relaunch cue which then detects my strafe keyboard, but I was hoping to solve this issue to it launches and works as it should from a fresh reboot. So I can use my remapped media keys and lighting effects without any input by me.


Any ideas?


I have changed usb 3.0 ports. Uninstalled and Reinstalled que and updated to the latest firmware already.

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Assuming that you are running the latest CUE and have the latest FW like you have stated, I would also check your BIOS for an update. For the strafe to not be detected after each restart sounds like a system specific issue. Do you have another computer to see if the keyboard behaves the same?
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