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K70 RGB Input lag


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Hope you can help me solve this problem of mine from my K70RGB. Well to start things of obviously I have a K70RGB at first its working perfectly fine then after a few months of using it I've notice that while I'm in game I have a massive input lag like when I press my keyboard WASD for a few consecutive time for moving my character I can let go of my keyboard and count 5 sec. till my character stops moving. Tried uninstalling and installing my corsair unity engine no luck, tried unplugging and plugging back my usb connectors again no luck, but when im typing or browsing the net its fine no lag. but when I'm playing the input lag is terrible. tried also using a razer wildcat controller and i dont have any input lag in any games that im trying to play and to top it all my second USB connector on my keyboard is not being recognized by my system already tried to update my bios but still the same. this is the error that I have on my 2nd usb connector.



(Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) A request for the USB device descriptor failed.)


sorry for the long *** message hope you can help me thanks!

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Do you use corsair link as well? If so, you need to close it and stop the corsair service. I was having the same issue as well and so far that seemed to fix it


yeah im using it, but ive already tried using the keyboard on game without the corsair link.

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