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K95 to K95 RGB


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As the title says, this is in regards to upgrading my old K95 to a K95 RGB.


I have several macros, complex ones no less, that supposedly cannot be imported from the older to the newer. Due to missing xml functions I believe from an info post I read.


My question is this: Is there any way to do this, editing the XML, making a blank macro on the RGB and editing the macro code in, or anything really?


If I could simply copy/past the actual macro from the old corsair software into notepad, even that would be simpler than redoing everything.

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Yeah I ended up manually copying the key sequences and delay times into notepad.


Though I now have a more annoying issue.


With my old K95, when you hit a macro that was set to be toggled, it would start and repeat as normal. When you hit it again, it stopped immediately. With the K95 RGB and CUE however, it finishes the macro before stopping, which I do NOT want. And setting it to terminate on pressing again, does not allow me to set the on/off toggle.


This is totally not wanted behavior. I effectively lost functionality from upgrading.


EDIT: I can sort of get around it by allowing it to terminate when pressed and setting the repeat to 99, but this doesn't work if I wanted to make it repeat more than that. Now I haven't needed it to repeat that many times yet, but it would be nice to have the option.

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