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Corsair Link 4.2 Not Detecting Any Devices


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Evening everyone,


I can see there are a few posts on this topic already, however i cannot seem to find the answer to my problem.


Like others CL4 is not reporting any devices. This has only started happening since I upgraded to CL4 from CL3. I ran CIV and followed the instructions on disabling EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled but to no avail.


A couple of screen shots below that i hope will help.








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Given SIV reports all your hardware OK then the issue must be down to the CL4 software. You could have a look at the log file in C:\ProgramData\CLink4\ and see if that gives and clues. The folder may be hidden.


Do you have any other program using TCP port 8080? Use Menu->TCP/IP->TCP Ports to check.

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I've had a look around, there doesn't seem to be a log file in Clink4, there are 2 config files and an empty folder.


Using SIV when I go to that menu its just blank with the message 'Show Network TCP Ports r' But to my knowledge no there isn't anything using that port

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Hi everyone,


I have the same problem after installing Corsair Link on Windows 10. No device detected.


On 8080 port is listening my Apache Tomcat.


Why CorsairLink listen on 8080 when this port is used primarily for http traffic ?!

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