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Corsair AX860i and APC UPS.


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I have two BR1500GI from APC both rated as 1500VA/865W.

I tested this units with the rig in signature, a 5930K with GTX980 Ti SLI and a Corsair AX860i.


The rig run at 800W when running Far Cry Primal Benchmark.

I see 800W from the UPS LCD and from a Watt Meter that I have between the peripherals and the UPS. So the measurement is quite good.


With blender rendering the load is at about 750W and the UPS handle the load without problem, if I stop the AC the ups switch on battery and I have the time to poweroff the PC.


With Far Cry Primal benchmark at 800W APC BR1500GI shutdown with F02 error with long beep. I need to power off and power on the UPS to stop the beep.


I love corsair products and I really doubt that the AX860i is the problem.

I don't think that APC overshoot too much during the outage, am I wrong?


I paied $600 for the crappy APC UPS unit.


Are there any suggestions?


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The current draw is too high for the APC assuming you have all your peripherals plugged into it as well. I run an old server grade 2200 APC and it just idles along with two PCs plugged into it. You need more capacity.


the UPS should handle up to 865W as advertised on the official specs.

A UPS that costs so much should be a little bit over engineered not the opposite.

My APC can't handle even 800W.

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At the end I upgraded with a Cyberpower, APC has really too much weakness in comparison even on the Smart Series...




Cyberpower SmartUPS PR1500ELCD 1500VA/1350W arrived,

it is deadly silent even with a load of 800W (if not on battery). Most line interactive UPS are silent but transformers can be loud even on some line interactive units.


When on battery the fan curve raise with the load and the temperature but the quality YS-Tech is not that loud.




Thanks to the pure wave my AX860i stopped making that ugly noise coming from the PFC circuit when on battery.


UPS feels solid and premium, the only parts made in plastic is the front panel.

Very easy to swap the batteries, the powerpanel business edition software is amazing, there are tons of cool features for nerds and it works flawlessly on Linux :D


The unit is really really efficient with a powerfactor of 0.9, it converts pretty all of it's power in usable power. (APC is really behind in this)


Runtime is excellent, with a load of 200W (my PC idling with the monitor) it says 2 hours and 15 minutes. Transfer to battery is faster than average UPS with only 4ms.

Surge suppression is based on a series of MOVs for a total of 400 jouls that is more than enough for pretty every overvoltage you may have, leave alone lightning.


They did not spare with the components






It is a 230V unit but there is an equivalent for 110V, the 110V unit is a bit less powerful.


It isn't cheap, but it offers a lot more than the equivalent APC for the same money.

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