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Where can i get Corsair strafe (non-rgb) lighting profiles


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Hey there, I would like to apoligize because this post has a prefix of K70 but my keyboard is a corsair strafe RGB. I couldn't see a strafe under the non-rgb keyboards so i chose the k70 instead. I didnt choose strafe rgb because that would be more confusing.


Anyway, my keyboard is a Corsair Strafe Cherry MX red switch with only RED led. I heard that you could download multiple lighting profiles for corsair keyboards but when i searched for lighting profiles, I couldn't see anything for the corsair strafe. Everything I see are lighting profiles for RGB keyboards.


Maybe I am lost, or not sure if non-rgb corsair keyboards do not have enough lighting profiles. I want to look my keyboard look cool stil..

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There is a profiles subforum, you might find (or request) some in there: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/forumdisplay.php?f=248


There is also an "official" area on the main Corsair site but I don't see the Strafe non-RGB listed there: http://gaming.corsair.com/en/rgbshare/hall-of-fame

I guess the non-RGB version is kinda limited on what you can do with profiles unlike the RGB one, everything is red after all.

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