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boot issue


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95k RGB doesn't work on boot up each time.

Errors are random


each error keyboard plays demo mod

1)get firmware update for keyboard, then if I click cancel or continue on update, if I manually check for new firmware when it works no updates available

2)keyboard just goes though demo mod and with cue lunched it do not see keyboard connected


I have tried different sets and combos of usb's on mother board with no resolve.

I have removed usb drives and manually updated them and let windows 10 auto add them ... no change

I have added pci usb 2.0 and 3.1 still no thrill ...


yes plugged in usb with arrows first the keyboard usb in 2.0 and tried 3.0 usb with just keyboard usb no change


MSI Eclipse SLI Motherboard windows with 10 home..


Any idea's?

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