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A simple thank you thread

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I've bought dozens of Corsair products over the years. The first time I ever had to use the warranty on something Corsair was last month. A HX1000i power supply that lasted me a year before it randomly quit. I sent it in and within 3 days I received an email with a tracking number coming from Corsair. I was impressed by just that on how fast it was sent back, compared to other companies I've had to deal with.


Even though all I sent in was the power supply itself(without all the accessories,) Corsair sent me a full brand new box full of all the accessories. I've never had a company do that before. Other ones had always attempted to fix the messed up one and sent it back still damaged, or gave me hell by trying to get me to take pictures.


I've lurked on this forum for years and finally decided to join, since I saw everyone was always so friendly. So I might as well tell the Corsair employees how much I appreciate their work and their products. So thank you :) - hope this is the right forum to do this in.

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