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Lights on AX1500i


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I have an ax1500i psu and I am not sure if I have noticed this before.


Anyhow, when I turn the pc on my ax1500i psu shows two green lights, sounds and looks good so far I think. Corsair link loads and one of the lights stays green and the other light alternates between green and red, but it only does it whilst corsair link is running.


Does this mean that my psu has a fault ? apart from the flashing green/red light it seems to work perfect.


So my question is, since I have the psu connected to a usb header on my motherboard and also have corsair link installed, is the flashing green/red light normal ? The other green light stays green all the time.


I have an 800D case and the left green light stays green and the right green light is the one that starts flashing between green and red when corsair link loads, when corsair link is uninstalled that light stays green.


Does my psu have a problem or is this normal behaviour ?


Thanks in advance for anyhelp regarding the above question.

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