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corsair sp2500 horrible speakers


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Worst sound system EVER!! 1 of the speakers don't work, but I still managed to connect the other 1 now, the sub rattles heavily during playback. 5 weeks after purchase, the controller also stopped working, so I can throw my speaker set in the trash! Very disappointed, as my other Logitech speakers lasted for more than 7 years!! I gave them away as I wanted a better sound.



just submitted a ticket and was approved for an rma they want me to send the speakers back to taiwan on my own expense. the speakers are freaking 33.2 pounds the cheapest tracked shipping would be close to 400$


so now i have an expensive foot stool and no other option.


i would accept a refund or store credit but shipping it back to them is clearly not feasible


please someone look into this. this si very unreasonable

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Created By: Irvin TS (3/10/2016 8:15 AM)

"We would require for you to ship the speakers back in order to do a refund.


First and foremost I would like to apologize for inconvenience that we have caused you. I will go ahead and submit a refund request. Please note that this process does require my managers approval, and it may possibly take quite some time. Unfortunately, I do not have a time frame for you, please remain patient while we process your request for a refund."



they still fail to mention if they would be providing a prepaid shipping label as shipping the speakers to their warehouse costs 350$+ as very heavy.

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"In order to proceed with a refund, I would require you to upload a picture of the speakers with the shipping label provided above.


Please have the speakers and label visible in one picture. (include any serial numbers from speakers if possible)"




"Once we receive that, we will be able to proceed with the destruction protocol. When we have confirmed the steps have been followed, we will ship out a replacement speaker kit to you."


i provided the requested pictures today only to be told this later on


"Please destroy the speakers in a safe manner, once destroyed please upload a picture to the same attachment."


The speakers were disposed today after the requested pictures were taken as it was taking space and it frankly it was useless holding onto the dead speakers. as i was told by corsair that the speakers need not be sent back and i had already taken the necessary pictures to proceed with "destruction protocol".i wasn't told that i needed to destroy the speakers and take pictures of it being destroyed. i was told that speakers need not be sent back and to take photos of the speakers with the form which i did.i spoke to one of their chat agents Olivia her name was she was very rude and not helpful she said nothing could be done on the matter and that i have ruined my warranty claim. i asked her repeatedly if i coudl speak with higher then only she said she would refer me to her manager she was not sympathetic or tried to understand my situation and kept saying good night and just rudely closed the chat window. also she told me to go get speakers back from the dumpster or there is nothing she could do for me




now i am waiting for their higher support to get back i was told it would take 2 days. i still believe its their fault for not explain their rules and "destruction protocol" to me clearly. the only real confirmation i got was that the speakers need not be sent back and to send photos which i did!! .my previous experience with other companies with logitech and intel had me send photos and dispose of the unit corsair should have made it plain and told me before hand that they required photos of the speaker being destroyed"


i had concluded that the "destruction protocol was just a term used to refer to how my case was being treated as it was never explained to me in detail all i so i naturally disposed of it

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Per your request the agents working on your ticket have already escalated your issue. At this point there is not much we can do here on the forums as any specifications or detailed matter would need to be discussed with the agents assisting you on the ticket.

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