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Plasti-Dip 350D


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Hey Corsair Forums


I've been trying to find the perfect mATX case for my impending build and couldn't really nail one down. While the 350D is a bit bigger than I'd prefer, it met all my criteria, save for the fact that it wasn't white.


So I put some plasti-dip in my hand and went at it.


If you're more into pictures, that's cool too.


Also, during the process, my dear mother somehow lost 4 of the thumb screws. Does anyone know what kind come with the 350D, or if I can buy some more from Corsair or Amazon?



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Hey Comradecool


I wanted to thank you for posting the video up here.(we need more supporters like you). We appreciate the pictures and video you posted. I hope we may be able to see more content in the future!


Thanks Mr. Wizard.


By the by, any chance you know about the thumb screws for the 350D?

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