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CUE not saving settings


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I've tried everything I know to do, but the CUE will not save my keyboard settings. Every time I turn my computer off it loses the settings. My keyboard doesn't show up in the program and I have to uninstall and reinstall the program every single time.

When I reinstall it works perfectly right up until I turn my computer off! Then the next time I fire up my PC, once again I can't access my profile or settings.

What's the problem? Anyone else experiencing similar problems? This is very frustrating and I would love to find a solution. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!


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Check your filepath for the CUE software:


1. Winkey+R (run)

2. Type "%appdata%" minus quotations

3. Double-click the Corsair Folder > HID > Profiles

4. Anything stored there?


You should see a profile stored there (.prf)


Is your Strafe RGB working prior to booting Windows? (Del to enter setup?)

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When you get your keyboard set up how you like it, are you going to the little hamburger sign (three stacked dashes) and left clicking on it and selecting "save profile to device memory" so your profile is saved? Also be sure "set as default profile" is checked.


Once you have these two things done after setting up your keyboard the way you like it, you can exit out of CUE and your keyboard will stay how you like it, even if you restart your computer.


With CUE closed, programs and macros won't run, but the light profile will stay on.


You will need to use the dimming switch on the keyboard to dim or turn off the LEDs.

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