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More pics of my nice build.


Corsair, I purchased 16GB of your Dominator Platinum PC24,000 @ 3,000 DDR4 because I thought I could do something with the Link connector. Turns out I was mostly wrong because the only thing I can do with the connector is use them to connect the Airflow fan thing. So, please, develop DIMMs that have the Link connector that do something such as allow you to light up the RAM. I ended up disappointed in the Dom Platinum choice because of the lack of Link's ability to do anything. Thought that I would be able to control the speed or check the temps with it as well.


Aesthetics are very important to me and that's something Dominator Platinum lacks a lot of. Would have gone with the Vengeance LPX (Blue) instead, because they look better, if I had know about the lack of Link control on the Platinum. Actually, I think the Vengeance Pro Series looks the best of all your memory. Also, I didn't like the light bar upgrade blue inserts. They never stay in place and they barely show up, so I just took them off. Would be great if King George and Company designed better aesthetics for the best RAM on earth! Yes, I feel like Dominator Platinum RAM is the BEST on the planet per quality and durability so I did alright. Just wish it looked better or lit up like my motherboard and case (with the LEDs).


I absolutely love the Individually Sleeved DC cable kit!!!! I strongly recommend them to everyone! It adds a great finishing touch to a great build. Corsair, never stop selling them.


This was my first time using the Commander Mini and the LED lights that can be attached to it (I purchased two kits for a total of 4 strips). It was a very easy process to put together and so far I've had NO problems with it. Right now it's cycling through four colors of blue, red, blue and red and many people LOVE IT!!! I think it's going to get me more computers to build for people that have nothing to do with the IT world. This has been great exposure for Corsair, GIGABYTE and overall this community.


Overall, I love this build, and I want to thank Corsair for all the time and financial opportunity cost you invest in your products. Your products are clearly the BEST and I love them. Only wish King George would update the greatest case of all time, the 650D! Just think it looks so much better than the new Obsidian Series versions. Thank you











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