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Hi there,


I probably have the same problem and probably the same noise on my Corsair RMi 850, ill record it later on when i`m at my home.


I receive my Corsair RMi 850 on friday last week (4th March 2016) from RMA my Corsair AX850, since my AX850 is already discontinue, DTG as Corsair distributor in my country replace my AX850 with RMi 850.


I install the PSU in my case and boot up that weird noise come up from my PSU, my concern is I hear the noise when my PC is ON, i hear it all the time when in bios, windows idle, windows load, gaming and its all the time :[pouts:


This what I already do try to eliminate the sound:


1. I turn off energy saving, intel speed step etc etc from bios and i make my proc on static voltage still not working to eliminate the weird PSU voice.


2. I unplugged all HDD, fan casing and all that i dont need, only left on mobo, proc, ram, vga, still not working to eliminate the weird PSU voice.


3. Change my main power plug on the wall, still not working to eliminate the weird PSU voice.


4. Took out my mobo from the casing, just in case there short in my case, i load only proc, mem and vga and AiO Watercooling fan still there the weird noise from my PSU. i even unplugged my VGA from mobo still there noise.


Is this the sign for another RMA?


Tonight i will try to load my other system with this RMi 850 PSU, ill update the result with video from my PSU noise.

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  • Corsair Employee

The fact that you've already tried isolating the hardware one at the time and still get the the noise on different component combination, that would only suggest that it is coming from the PSU.


if you get a chance, please post a video that best describes the noise. That way we can provide proper recommendation on what you should do next.

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