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Windows key doesn't work (fixed)


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I'm writing this to help the next guy. I have the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and one day out of the blue my Windows key stopped working completely (neither the windows key nor windows key combinations like Win-L). I switched to a different computer (I have a KVM) and the windows key worked just fine. So, I assumed that it was my computer. I rebooted several times, rolled back to a previous save point, uninstalled some recently installed applications.


However, what the problem turned out to be was that "gaming mode" was stuck on in the keyboard. When I pressed the gaming mode switch once, nothing happened (the windows key was still disabled), however when I pressed it again it started working again. I can't imagine why it would work on another computer, survive several reboots, or exactly where the mode was stuck, but I wasted several hours trying to figure it out, so hopefully this helps someone else.

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