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P5AD2 Overclocking problems


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OK lets start with my sytem specs bfore i list the problem. :D:


Motherboard.....Asus P5AD2 Premium

CPU................Intel P4 560 3.6 Prescott

RAM................Corsair DDR2 667mhz 2x512 matched with heatsinks

Cooling............Thermaltake 12cm Big water system

Power..............Thermaltake 560w

Grafix...............MSI Nvidia 6600 128DDR3

Hard Drives........Western Digital {WD360} 35gb 10k rpm

"2 of them in an intel Raid-0 array"


I am looking for addvice for overclocking this bad boy but so far my own attemps have been futile at best. :(: I have set the cpu unlock mode then beggin to overclock but i cant even make the cpu back to the 3.6 it was supposed to run at. However i have noticed that this method also overclocks the front side bus. The best i have done so far is 3.5mhz with a front side bus of 1000. I have seen articles where this setup has made 3.7 with 1064 front bus, but the article was vaque at best. do i need to start cranking the cpu core voltage. :!: or messing with the ram timings :!: any ides or settings tweeks would help here .

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The user that started THIS THREAD found that there is a compatibility issue with some of the Thermaltake PSUs and this MOBO. Several users in this thread switched PSUs and their issues went away. And, it does not seem to be a voltage or rails issue but a compatibility thing. This same type of thing occurred last year with the P4C800 E-D MOBOs and some Antec PSUs. Go figure :roll:


Happy Holidays, Mike.


EDIT: Candy Kid also found some stuff HERE.

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