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650D Case Feet RMA

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Hi, so I just found and bought a new 650D case from Newegg. (Sadly, it's the model that still has the 1394 connection on the front panel.


Only problem is, the case arrived with a broken foot. I contacted Corsair for an RMA for new feet. They told me that the 650D parts had been discontinued, and to contact Newegg for a quick exchange.


Sadly, Newegg is sold out of 650Ds now, and the Corsair store still sells the feet for $10. (I just checked, and can still add them to my cart.) I added a new comment to my ticket to this effect but have yet to hear back.


Do you think they'll be able to help me with this? I really want to be able to keep this case.




Edit: Ticket #: 6748778.

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Update: Been a bit over 24 hours now and have heard nothing more to my reply.


If they're going to refuse to warranty service this case with parts they clearly still have on hand (I can order them from the Corsair store), I wish they'd get back to me and tell me that...

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