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Interupt Any macro while WASD is is pressed?


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Hey there...


I have some toggle macro's running what I would like to do sometimes is interrupt any macro's running when i try to move my char via the WASD keys... Any ideas on if I can do this?


Just in case am up against a boss and am a long range so i don't want the boss to follow me would like to swiftly retreat without toggling off... move back and when I let go of W/A/S/D let it resume the macro's

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In your actions editor, find the Macro Termination section and set it to the setting of "Allow interruptions and then resume".


I have that checked already... It only interrupts if its another macro that fires... any other key press just added to whatever the macro is doing... so when am trying to move back its moving back but also doing my skills... when skills are performed it stops moving back.


Hmm I guess I could try having Macro for W/A/S/D and set them to be uninterrupted.


EDIT: well that didn't work

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