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CX430M noise


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I have a CX430m power supply and it makes a horrible noise


it is like this video






I noticed that when I put the PC on its side the sound goes away !


What do you think is wrong here ?


Also, I found this thread that has the same issue


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Hey Ali777 have you created a ticket yet?


As JohnnyGuru said, it may be damaged due to shipping as there arent many of these that come in with noise issue.


"There's no "known issue"... BUT, I have been seeing a lot of PSUs in the EU that seem to have been mishandled either at the warehouse or by the carrier. Like someone's been throwing PSUs around or something. Bent housings, broken fans. Unfortunately, the foam in the box doesn't help much against serious shock. "


Feel free to create an RMA ticket, we'll take care of you :laughing:

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