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What ram to buy?


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I have read alot and have come to no conclusion! Typical I'm sure. I have an Asus P5P800. Socket 775 w/ DDR Intel 865 PE chipset. The 3.0 will clock to 3.6 with increased FSB and no multiplier or voltage increases. The mobo supports dual channel 400 ram. I read if the FSB is increased the ram speed should be too. All I want is to have more bang for the buck from the proccessor and no bottlenecks, errors w/ the ram. Also whats the deal w/ two sticks vs. four. I am a large proponent of ram. The board supports 4 sticks of 1 gig. Which I think of as sweet! But there's all these comments about only useing two. Are there any known issues with any Corsair ram and any known cpu cooler fitment? I'm running the cpu @ 3.0 now till I upgrade my cooling. One more ? Do all these Latency/timing adjustments actually produce a visable diff. visually, or do they only show up in 3dmark scores? I like to plan ahead and would like to do it right the first time.

Thanks to any and all!


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