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Problems coming out of S3 sleep


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Short version:

My HTPC started having trouble coming out of S3 sleep properly and would also not power up sometimes. Replacing the PSU (CX430M) seems to have fixed the problem (one week with no problems). PSU tester doesn’t indicate any problems with the old PSU, but I’m going to request an RMA as I don’t really trust the unit at this point. I’m posting mainly to see if there is anything else to check on the PSU or my system and to help anyone else who has a similar problem, since I didn’t find anything posted with my exact symptoms.



Long version:


System specs-

Mobo: MSI FM2-A75MA

CPU: A6-5400K

RAM: 8G Crucial Ballistix Sport

Drives: OS & programs – Sandisk 64G SSD; Recording – 2TD WD Black; General files & backup – 1TB Toshiba

Video card: Asus HD6450 Silent 1G

Tuners: Hauppaugge 2250 x 2

PSU: CX430 (first year); CX 430M (last two years)


About 2 months ago my HTPC started not waking up properly from S3 sleep. I would find it with the fans running, but the power light would be flashing as if it were still asleep. The system would not respond to any keyboard, mouse, or TV remote input. Pushing or holding down the power and/or reset buttons had no effect. The only thing I could do was switch it off at the PSU. When I flipped the PSU switch back on, it would either boot up immediately with an improper shutdown message or it would power the fans and drives, but no system power light and no boot up. In the latter case, I would have to switch the supply off, wait a few minutes and try again. Sometimes it would take 4-5 attempts to get it to boot up. Once it was awake, it was as rock solid as it has been since I built it three years ago. At first this was happening randomly, but began to happen more frequently until it was happening every time I attempted to wake it up or it was scheduled to wake up.


Other than an improper shutdown event, there wasn't anything in the event log that looked out of the ordinary. It seemed to be "sleeping" properly in that it would attempt to wake up upon receiving WOL commands, TV remote power button being pushed, scheduled recordings, and other scheduled events (backup, EPG grab, etc), but it was getting stuck in the transition out of S3 sleep. I spent a good bit of time searching the web and found a few similar (but not exact) cases pointing to various hardware and software. This is a purpose built system and doesn’t have a lot of software on it. There had not been any hardware changes in ~2 years and no new software in about that long. There were a few programs that had been updated (Media Portal, Windows, Norton) recently, so I restored a system image from several months back, but it did not help. I then updated video card drivers, tuner card drivers, and the BIOS, but none of those helped. I checked the two year old CX430M with a PSU tester and all of the values were within 0.1 volts of their spec. PG time was between 250-270ms through six power cycles of the unit.


Last week I decided to replace the CX430M since the local Micro Center had a pretty good deal on them and the system has been waking up perfectly since then.


Anyone ever had these symptoms? Is there any further diagnostic I should do on the PSU or my system?



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