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H80i V2 will not mount to 2011-3, error?


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I have an ASRock x99e-it/ac LGA 2011-3 motherboard. I bought a H80i V2, and neither included cooling plate mounting brackets fit the LGA2011-3, even though it is listed as compatible. The brackets/metal plates simply don't line up with the screw holes. Am I missing a bracket or is this a screw-up?


I have pictures to show:



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That motherboard does not have the 'usual' LGA 2011-3 mounting plate. Which is why its does not fit.


You are likely better off returning the cooler, then use the included watercooler bracket which supports another competitors AIO cooler instead or to mod the bracket to work with a 'square top' Corsair cooler.



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I have read in other posts that this Asetek piece would help using your coolers with a 2011-3 Narrow ILM motherboard. I received an H80i v2 cooler this morning but unfortunately it won't fit my Supermicro X10-SRi-F mobo.


Do you think this piece will make the cooler compatible with my 2011-3 narrow ilm motherboard?




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