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Got a Scimitar and it's having mouse movement issues (jitters, spasms etc.)


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Hey there I just bought a Strafe RGB keyboard and a Scimitar mouse from Bestbuy yesterday and I love both of them appearance and feature wise....BUT there's been problems with the mouse so far and it's annoying...


My $6 mouse from Newegg that glows different colors made by Pixxo has been used for the past 6 years without a mousepad and the Scimitar can't function on my Ikea table at all without skipping like crazy? I put a magazine down and have to buy 1 tomorrow but thinking about switching out the Scimitar for a SteelSeries Rival 300 I had my eye on... for perhaps more reliability...which is also a bonus cuz I have a MAC and there's NO SUPPORT for the Keyboard Or Mouse on the MAC for some reason....surprised for a big company to be behind on that...I've never heard of Steel Series until I was comparing Mouses on display and they are Mac Compatible...and I don't want to make the switch...loving the Scimitar looks...and macros...


Scimitar Mouse Issues I'm having...I updated my Chipsets...did a "CCleaner" an admin mentioned in a different post...plugged the mouse directly into the PC instead of the keyboard...etc. but still problems...


-Jitters sometimes while moving the mouse...been going away slowly with time...which is weird

-In the game "CS:GO" I will literally be looking forward and then "poof" I'll be randomly looking at the sky and doing a super fast 360 for whatever reason....or looking at the ground and same thing....


Is the laser sensor on the bottom supposed to be really REALLY faint red? It's almost like there's nothing there compared to my other mouse..wonder if that's the problem or "CUE" the software messing things up.


ANY solutions on stopping the random quick 360s looking into a different direction with the in-game camera and pretty much glitching/skipping in movement through the game almost like I'm lagging when I NEVER lag at all...if you want me to post a clip/footage of what I see....just let me know.

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What happened when you used the mouse on the magazine cover? Did the jitters stop/reduce occurrence?


If its still present, you may want to check the sensor is free from dust and any other debris as it will affect the tracking accuracy. The Scimitar uses a optical sensor rather than a laser sensor.

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